Sisig Recipe

Sisig is a dish made from parts of pig’s head and liver seasoned with vinegar or calamansi and chili peppers.

Making a Sisig dish is not difficult but you have to be patient doing it because the process is not that quick.

Sinanglaw Recipe

Sinanglaw, a popular soup from Vigan, but nowadays I see it everywhere, even at hometown in Agoo, La Union. Sinanglaw is oftentimes sold in carinderias along the main road of the city especially near bus or jeepney stations. It is serve in the night until dawn. It’s a soup good enough to warm yourself from cold night and fills an empty stomach. If you want to make your own sinanglaw, the ingredients such as beef innards, tendon, face and bile are available in local market meat section. It is sold in set but you still have option to buy only the ingredients you like.

Pulpog Recipe

Pulpog is one of the regular foods that you can see in almost cariderias in La Union and some other part in Ilocos. It is a delicious recipe that can boosts your appetite. There is other version of this recipe that I know and it’s called insarabasab or sarabasab in Ilocano dialect.

All its ingredients are similar except the way pork was cooked. Pulpog is well done grilled over charcoal heat but insarbasab is literally burned over wood fire or charcoal fire.

Recipe Ingredients:

Pork Sinigang (Sinigang Na Baboy) Recipe

Pork Sinigang is a soup base dish. Its taste is a little bit sour and salty. When I make pork sinigang, I always choose the pig's tail portion because it has the fat, lean meat, and bones -all in one, and when cooked it gives the broth added flavor that's really taste good.

Other portion of the meat that you may use as well is the back part of the pig (we usually called "pork chops"). Pork chop also has fat, lean meat and bones and gives also a flavorful broth.

Recipe Ingredients:

Filipino Pork Menudo Recipe - How to Make

Menudo is pork and liver stewed in tomato sauce. On my recipe I use fresh ripened tomatoes instead.


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