How To Make Polvoron

Polvoron is consist of powder milk, flour, sugar and butter toasted in low fire. It is molded and wrapped with colored cellophane or Japanese paper to look like a candy.

There are also variants of the polvoron. The most popular variant is polvoron with crushed peanut. Also we have polvoron with cheese. Other variants that I heard of is polvoron with crushed cashew nuts.


  • ¼ kilo powder milk
  • 1 kilo all purpose flour
  • ¼ kilo butter
  • ½ kilo white sugar
  • 1 cup crushed peanut or cheese
  • Cellopane (for wrapping)

Tool: Polvoron molder

    Cooking Procedure:

  1. In a pan, toast flour in a low fire until it becomes light brown.
  2. Add sugar and milk. Mix well
  3. Add butter and blend.
  4. Finally add crushed peanut or cheese. Mix well.
  5. Remove pan from fire.

    How to mold the polvoron:

  1. Put at least 2 cups of polvoron mixture on a big platter.
  2. Get the molder and collect mixture until it is full. Press in mixture inside the molder against the flat surface of the plate until it is stuck in.
  3. Release the polvoron from the mold.
  4. Wrap, like a candy, polvoron tablets in cellophane.
  5. Refrigerate.